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Affordable Cleaning Services in Manchester.

We create a tailor made schedule for every client designed to meet both our exacting standards & our client’s needs.

Domestic & Office Cleaning

As a local Manchester cleaning company we provide our cleaning service to a full range of businesses & we guarantee our service is efficient, flexible & affordable.

We aim to provide a professional, flexible & reliable service at affordable rates, all our team are fully insured, well trained & in our uniform. We are proud of our track record in delivering  our service 100% to our clients  .

We believe our cleaning service  offers  many benefits  to our clients so take a look at what we can do for you. Give us a call today or book for a call back .

Carpet Cleaning Service

Perhaps you’ve had a carpet cleaned before, and found it got dirty again very soon afterwards. The reason is most likely that the carpet was not rinsed and neutralised properly.

When you pre-spray a carpet with a detergent, this detergent is alkaline. Alkaline by its very nature attracts dirt. (You can see for yourself how the top of a washing-up liquid bottle goes grey around the spout of the bottle.) If the alkaline detergent is not rinsed out of the carpet properly with an acidic rinse, which brings the carpet back to a neutral pH, then the alkaline detergent left in the carpet will attract dirt.

It is true to say that anybody can set up as a carpet, upholstery and leather cleaner as it is an industry that often goes unregulated, unless the operator wishes to become accredited. How often have you seen an ad promising ‘we will clean all your carpets for £30’, yet the knowledgeable buyer will realise that there must be a catch because nobody can clean all the carpets in a property for £30 and stay in business.

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